• We’re Ready When YOU ARE

    We’re Ready When YOU ARE

    Sault College continues to enrol, educate, and graduate Native students from programs across the College. Our student population continues to GROW, and we are committed to serving ever-larger numbers of Native learners during the years ahead!

  • Make an investment in YOUR life

    Make an investment in YOUR life

    Whether you are a recent high school graduate or a mature student, Sault College’s programs can provide you with many new and exciting opportunities.

    Native Education has worked collaboratively with Sault College to incorporate Native worldviews within mainstream curriculum, in addition to developing Native-specific programs which recognize, celebrate, and affirm Native identity, values and perspectives.

  • Dedicated to YOUR Success

    Dedicated to YOUR Success

    Our Native Education Department offers a unique learning environment which embraces our language, culture, and traditions with an emphasis placed on student success strategies that will assist you in achieving excellence both academically and in your chosen career.

We Understand You