Discover and cultivate the professional in you …

Before I entered the Social Service Worker-Native Specialization (SSW-NS) program, I had no interest in the Native culture or my community. This program has opened my eyes, and … most importantly … has made me a proud Aboriginal woman. - A. Sayers

As an SSW-NS graduate, you will possess excellent professional skills and a distinctive voice in advocating and capacity building in relation to issues relevant to working with both Native and non-Native people and communities across the broad spectrum of the social services field.


You will examine a range of social issues and social service worker skills, with an added focus on the historical oppression and current realities of Canadian Aboriginal peoples.

Make a Difference

Become a social service worker and more! The Aboriginal worldview, with its holistic approach, will add to your learning experience. Your helping skills will be refined while you gain the skills and knowledge to be a culturally informed and prepared social service worker.

Become a Professional

Social Service Work is a regulated profession. As a graduate of this program, you will be eligible for registration with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers  (OCSWSSW). Graduates can compete in the social service field with their professional social service worker skills along with their specialized knowledge in Aboriginal issues.